Monday 27 June 2022
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Frequently asked questions

Is it a new system
NO – GRP (Glass Fibre) has been used for water proofing since the early 1940’s.

Does it have seams like felt
NO – our system is totally seamless

Will it crack
NO – all our systems are designed to accommodate any amount of building movement

What colours are there
70 colours to choose from

Can I walk on it
YES – the system will take any amount of foot traffic

Do you use sub-contractors
NO- all out work force are directly employed

What area do you work
we operate nationwide

What size of roofs do you carry out
From a bay window roof to a large factory roof there is no limit

Can you do a pitched roof
YES – any pitch and even vertical walls can be laminated

How long will it last
We give a 50 year guarantee with a life expectancy of at least 75 years

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